urgent letters to mumia

October 15, 2018

Dear Friends and Comrades,

At this late date, given that Mumia’s next court hearing is on October 29, mumia abu many of us have felt that not enough attention has been paid to challenging Philadelphia’s widely hailed new, “liberal” District Attorney Larry Krasner. His deadly role in Mumia’s current legal proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas has not been understood by many Mumia supporters. People both in Philadelphia and around the country are still describing Krasner as a “breath of fresh air,” a major change agent in the criminal justice system, and a potentially fair DA in Mumia’s case.

While we agree that Krasner has made some important positive moves on several issues, he has, like all the previous DAs, been adamant in his denial of justice to Mumia. It is, therefore, urgent that we publicize the situation with Krasner and confront him with the fact that people are recognizing his deplorable role in the court process for Mumia. We must pressure him to drop his opposition to Mumia’s current legal action aimed at giving Mumia new rights of appeal of his conviction. Needless to say, regardless of the outcome of this legal struggle, we will continue to assert Mumia’s innocence and fight for his freedom. For further clarification and details on this potentially confusing legal situation, read the attached background piece, which will not be sent to Krasner, that will be mailed out to you next on this listserv.

Below is a letter we hope to send Krasner with as many organizational signatures as possible. We are focusing on organizations and some well-known individuals, but we urge others to send their own letter or the letter below to Krasner. (As a collective, we will only process organizational letters and a limited number of individual names to simplify the logistics involved. We plan to deliver the list of organizational signers along with the letter addressed to him to Krasner on October 25 at a press conference in Philadelphia.) We URGE YOU TO SEND THIS SAME LETTER OR YOUR OWN TO KRASNER DIRECTLY. HIS E-MAIL IS: justice@philadelphia.gov. Let’s flood Krasner’s lines! 


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