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Indonesia: Solidarity Update on the Anarchist Prisoners in Yogyakarta

The May 1st protests that took place at the UIN Yogyakarta area, against the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and the monarchy-feudalism related to Sultan Ground/Pakualaman Ground. Resulted in 11 comrades being detained at the Yogyakarta Regional Police Station (Polda Yogyakarta) suspected of destruction and arson of State facilities (a Police Station).
The comrades were supposed to be transferred to Cebongan Prison at the end of June, but due to further investigation, on June 29 only 4 comrades were transferred to Cebongan Prison and another 2 comrades were transferred one week later. And 5 comrades are still detained at Yogyakarta Regional Police Station, including Brian Valentino (Ucil). We have received information that the 5 comrades will be transferred to Cebongan Prison at the end of July.
For now the prisoners of war class that are still being held at Yogyakarta Regional Police Station are in good health and full of spirits as usual. As for the condition of the class war prisoners who were transferred to Cebongan Prison, we don’t know any information about them so far, however we will give the any updates as soon as we know the information about them. We hope that our comrades around the world will continue to show solidarity with the Yogyakarta anarchist prisoners (such as writing letters) to keep the fire inside their souls burning and so that they do not feel isolated or alienated behind the prison bars and walls.
More information,
Instagram account : palang__hitam

Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross selling t-shirts for fundraising

We from Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross sell t-shirts for fundraising
“Prisons Are For Burning”. The proceeds of this sale will be used in
legal and medical work of the Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross,
especially helping anarchist prisoners in Yogyakarta who were arrested
during Mayday action when raising the rejection issue of New Yogyakarta
International Airport (NYIA) and anti-Sultan Ground / Pakualaman Ground
and feudalism-monarchy society.

T-shirts are sold for £ 10 / exclude shipping
Size: S, M, L, XL


More information,
Instagram account: Palang__Hitam

Indonesia: solidarity call for anarchists imprisoned in Yogyakarta


Some worrying news reached us from Indonesia. On Mayday this year, workers, students and youths took to the streets of Yogyakarta to protest against the ‘feudal monarchy society and the repression of the state apparatus in building the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) infrastructure mega project that rid the peasants of Kulon Progo’. During the protest, some vandalism occurred, and in result the total of 69 people got arrested: some on the day, others during the following huge police crack down. A legal observer was also arrested and beaten.

Some of the arrested protesters are still in custody. In some cases, they are subjected to beatings and torture and have been refused the right to a solicitor and legal defense. People are also kept in isolation and denied contact with friends and families. At least one prisoner was subjected to 15 days of interrogation without a lawyer present. The prisoners are due to be transferred to another prison on 29th June.

Indonesian activists are calling for international solidarity with their imprisoned comrades.  Palang Hitam Indonesia (Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross) is collecting money donations to provide legal assistance to the prisoners . If you are inclined to do so, please make a donation go to

This is the answer of the Free Mumia Movement to an article that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Is Meek Mill the New Mumia?” by Stu Bykofsky

Stu Bykofsky Fouls Out!

Bill Bachmann & Gwen Debrow

Stu Bykofsky styles himself as a Sixers fan, but in his column,  “Is Meek Mill the New Mumia?”  he fouls out.

But before leaving the floor, Bykofsky made perhaps the most spectacular three-pointer of his life, acknowledging for perhaps the first time in his long career that Mumia Abu-Jamal “is a leading spokesman against racism, social injustice, judicial corruption, and police brutality.”

Thus, it’s curious that he proceeds to trash Meek Mill, who is only now beginning to vocalize some of the things that Mumia has been writing about for decades.

Perhaps that’s why Bykofsky minimizes Mill’s very real achievements as a rapper and musician. Unlike others who come from privileged backgrounds, he didn’t become famous just for being famous.

Nor did Mumia. Even before he was arrested, he won journalistic awards as the  “Voice of the Voiceless” and was cited as “Person to Watch” in 1981 by Philadelphia Magazine. Since then he has written hundreds of articles, radio commentaries and 10 books from the depths of prison, 29 of those years in solitary confinement.

Clearly both men have been railroaded by a corrupt and racist criminal system. Both were targets of corrupt cops and prosecutors. Both were denied their due process rights by biased judges. Both are examples of the injustice that goes on daily for tens of thousands of people whose names are not known to international audiences.

Bykofsky writes that “Mill’s achievement was using celebrity as a Get Out of Jail Free card.” In fact, it’s the other way around. People in Pennsylvania’s political and corporate elite are using Mill’s celebrity status to push their own agendas. This includes Ed Rendell, who was the DA overseeing Mumia’s farce of a trial in 1982, and the current DA, Larry Krasner. They hope that Mill will endorse a few easy reforms while leaving the underlying racist capitalist system undisturbed. They hope that Mill will be a Trumpian shiny object to divert people’s attention from the growing realization that Mumia should be released.

Thanks to the intervention of these corporate types, Meek Mill is home. Not so Mumia, who is innocent.  But then Mill wasn’t locked up because of his revolutionary political views. At this time Mumia has an appeal that illustrates the corruption in the system. That is, that Ron Castille had a conflict of interest in ruling on Mumia’s petitions as a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice despite having fought him previously as Philadelphia County DA.  An important hearing on Mumia’s appeal is on August 30 at the Juniper Street court building. WE URGE ALL TO BE THERE TO STAND FOR JUSTICE!

At the same time, we hope that Meek Mill will continue to connect the dots by speaking and acting against the injustices of a system that has persecuted him, Mumia, and many, many others.


below is the article that  the free mumia movement are referring too 


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