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Open Statement about spontaneous occupation of Theaterplatz by refugees +++

+++ Open Statement about spontaneous occupation of Theaterplatz by
refugees +++

We support the demands of the refugees
(-> It is in their responsibility,
which type of action they choose.

In the light of the long lasting ignorance of their concerns, we
understand when refugees disrespect Residenzflicht out of civil
disobedience or when they use public places – which should as such be
open for everyone – as space for their political demands.

Excluded from most possibilities of social participation, which are only
open for german citizens, they have to look for other ways to bring
their interests into political discourse and have them respected.

We express our solidarity with the spontaneous occupation of
Theaterplatz. Especially in view of the rallies of Pegida and co. at
this place in the last months, we embrace the visible statement for the
rights and the safety of refugees.

This also provides an opportunity for saxon politics to show it’s
readiness to exchange dialogue doesn’t only extend to a “asylkritisch”
and xenophobic movement, but also to the ones affected by everyday