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Marco Camenisch: release denied

thumb-marcoteleAs some may know already, at the beginning of December the swiss Federal
Court rejected the conditional liberation of Marco Camenisch, Anarchist
longterm prisoner. We distribute the statement of Red Help Switzerland
below. We ask you to write to Marco in soldiarity (Don’t forget to put a
sender on the envelope):

Marco Camenisch
PF 38
6313 Menzingen

For a society without prisons!
Friends and supporters of Marco Camenisch

The Federal Court denies Marco Camenisch freedom

After over a year of reflection, the Federal Court in Lausanne has refused
to grant conditional liberty to Marco, relying (as done by previous
officials) on a political principle that, not dissociating
Marco from his political position, the conditional release must be denied
for him. The Supreme Court of Switzerland also reaffirms the political
position of not to release him from prison.

Let’s take a quick look at the history of the applications presented,
because Marco could get conditional release:

From May 2012 Marco could be released on probation having already served
two thirds of his sentence. One question, the Office for the prison
administration in Zurich, was dismissed on April 13, 2012. Against that
decision was opposed the appeal, rejected first by the “Direction for
justice and the interior of the canton of Zurich,” before “Court for the
cantonal administration “rimandasse approve the appeal and the case to the
Office for the prison administration place Feldstrasse in Zurich. It comes
back to a hearing of Marco, but in February 2013, is prevented the exit
out of prison on probation. The reason given is still in its denunciation
of “chronic violence and worldview that promotes crime”, the meaning of
which goes well understood and emphasizes why Marco is denied freedom. It
would have been better (more frequently) that officials had been able to
write simply that Marco is a revolutionary anarchist.

In the formulation given by the Federal Court about the release some other
things are stated, with the same content. The reason why Marco cannot be
released is the lack of “a waiver that is credible compared to the
previous violence and of a clear distance from the use of violence as a
means of political clash”. Now, given the global reality characterized by
the crisis and by the tendency to war, it is an incredible naivete to do
so, as if violence is not a political means or politically motivated. As
in the Court there are not only naive judges, what remains is only the
political reason. Marco does not have to go out, because it supports an
integrate position, against violence of Power. Obviously this is not good
for the justice, they clearly want to see him behind bars.

On one point, however, appears a contradiction between the “Office
responsible for prisons” of Zurich and the “Control Authority of bourgeois
justice” of Lausanne, about the benefits of punishment which, according to
the Federal Court, are to ensure right away. Thus, the Federal Court wrote
that the liberation is to estimate the maximum for May 2018. This would
mean to give the full sentence to Marco, allusion not particularly strange
about what the court thinks of a premature parole. Because now “goal of
the prison” in Switzerland is that every prisoner at the end of penalty
should be able to live unpunished and this includes a gradual approach to
life outside prison, the court wrote that “now must be seriously verified
the steps towards softening
the conditions of detention”. The Office responsible for the prison
administration has so far prevented the realization of every step in this
direction, which goes to show what this ruling means for the prison
conditions imposed on Marco.

Free Marco!

Red Help Switzerland
December 11, 2014

english translation by anarchistblackcross greece


Justice for Jane Doe and the urgency of survival

Justice for Jane Doe and the urgency of survival by Chase Strangio and Reina Gossett


This is Jane.

Jane asked her supporters to share this representation of her so you can see her as the person that those of us who know her best do: a teenager who wants to smile with friends, shop for prom dresses with Janet Mock, and have a family to love her.

She wants you to see her this way because today is the 65th day that she has been in prison at an adult facility despite never having been charged with a crime or convicted of one.

Since being incarcerated Jane has spent most of her time in solitary confinement. She has not interacted with a peer since January. She cannot shower without two guards watching her. She has asked for help and those with legal custody over her have locked her away in the hopes that she will be forgotten.We have also read Jane Doe’s own words about her situation, which is incredibly dire. On May 8, after spending a month in prison with no charges, Jane asked Connecticut Governor Dannel O’Malloy for help:

“I have been sitting in this prison for a month now and there is no plan to get me out. I am suffering in here. I’m having trouble sleeping and I’m not eating much. I cry in bed every night. I can’t be myself in this place. I feel forgotten and thrown away…DCF is supposed to be helping me, right? If this is helping me then I’m all set with being helped. I would be a lot better off being on my own. It seems like you’re my last chance to get out of here. Don’t forget about me. I can’t take another month of this.“

Over 18,681 people have now petitioned the Connecticut Department of Children and Families to demand Jane Doe be released, and this week Katie Couric had Laverne Cox, Tiq Milan and Chase Strangio on to discuss Jane’s case.

Yet she still remains in prison. Jane needs to be released from prison so that she can heal and experience the love and support that she deserves. Jane is a teenager with dreams whose humanity we cannot forget and she needs our help to make that happen.

Join us demand her immediate release!

Take Action!

Join Jane and her legal team on June 16

Demand justice for the Department of Children and Families’ actions.

Write Jane a letter.
Jane needs letters of love and support for her struggle. Email with the subject “Letter for Jane Doe” and the #JusticeForJane organizers will get your letter to her attorney, who can get it to her.

Print & fill in this sign (or write your own!), take a picture & upload it to Twitter, Tumblr & other social media with the #JusticeForJane hashtag.
Some ideas: I demand #JusticeForJane because 65 days in prison without charges is too much!
I demand #JusticeForJane because mass incarceration destroys lives & families.
I demand #JusticeForJane because no one should be punished for defending themselves.
I demand #JusticeForJane because DCF has a responsibility to care for children, not abuse and lock them up!
Call & Tweet DCF Commissioner Joette Katz and CT Governor Dannel Malloy
Call DCF at 860-550-6300.
Call Governor Malloy at 860-566-4840.

Sample message: I’m calling to demand that Joette Katz and Governor Malloy take action to immediately release Jane Doe, the 16-year-old trans girl who’s been kept at York Correctional for 65 days now without charges. It’s an outrage that DCF and the State of Connecticut are responding to abuse by torturing the victim instead of giving Jane a safe environment.

How did your calls go? Reply to this post, tweet with #JusticeForJane or @Justice4JaneCT on Twitter and let us know.

Then, click this link to send a tweet to DCF and Governor Malloy:

.@CTDCF, @GovMalloyOffice: 65 days in prison is 65 days too many! #JusticeForJane means releasing her to a safe & caring environment now!

(You can edit the tweet before you send it. Make sure to use the #JusticeForJane hashtag!)

Sign & Share the Petition
Join over 18,681others that have signed a petition demanding #JusticeForJane on